Season 1 - Episode 5

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The Fortress of Fortresses

Season 2 

‘The Fortress of Fortresses’ once again visits some of Gibraltar’s most important historic military locations. Dr Darren Fa begins this time at the south of the Rock, where the first Moorish fortifications were built at the Europa Foreshore, with the focus then moving to Windmill Hill where a variety of barracks and batteries made the area impregnable. Also featured are the site of the University of Gibraltar and the views from the Port Authority Tower in Lathbury, from where many of the historic fortifications are still visible.

Season 1

Dr Darren Fa leads a team of experts on military history in ‘The Fortress of Fortresses’. The series will take viewers on a journey from the Moorish period through to the Second World War, with each episode focusing on the various advancements achieved within the territory, to create the fortress that we all know today.

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