Episode 2

GBC Summer Camp 2023

Episode 1:

Meet the kids who were involved in GBC’s first ever Summer Camp. In this episode, the first of three, you can watch them try news reading and weather presenting. Find out how they got on recording in studio for the show as Esther Edery, Erin Stanton, Charlie Figueras Garcia, Jake Stevens, Sophie Chester, Maisie Wilson, Ethan Figueras, Cillian McKenna Quick, Scarlett O’Neil, Mai Eldridge, Jeevan Taylor and Ryan Requena share some fun moments with us all!

Episode 2:

12 children are in The Powder Room hot seat tonight at 8pm as they chat about Social Media, Climate Change and Ice Creams! How did they trick Justine Cartwright into letting them host a special The Powder Room Kids? 

Episode 3:

In the final programme in a series of three focusing on the work of the children who took part in GBC’s Broadcasting Summer Camp it’s time to put their new skills to the test. GBC’s ‘Mini Media Crew’ deployed to other Summer Camps and events around Gibraltar. 

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