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Gib Talks 2018

Following the format of the hugely popular TED Talks, this local incarnation has sold out to local audiences year on year. GibTalks invites you to hear from individuals from all walks of life each with their own insights to share. This series features 5 Episodes with the following guest speakers and topics:

EP 1 : Julian Felice - The Greatest Story ever told.

Mark Randall - Sandals of Fire.

Daya Dewfall - I’m a Migrant : What about you ?

David Diaz - From Passion to Profession.

EP 2 : Kenneth Castiel -The Hero and the Villain Within : The Impact of Social Conditioning and how to win at the game of life.

Nalanie Chellaram - Finding Peace in Chaos.

Trevelayne Faller - The Plastic Brain.

HW the Mayor Kaiane Aldorino Lopez - Life After Miss World.

EP 3 : Sir Joe Bossano - The UN and the Brussels Betrayal.

Anna Lydia Armstrong Danino - Looking at Life.

Stephen Hermida - I Shoot People.

EP 4 : Dr. Jennifer Ballantine Perera - What’s Biology got to do with it ? Gender Equality in Gibraltar 100 years since women’s suffrage in the UK.

Ronnie Barabich - The Memoirs of Arnold Barobiscio.

The Hon Elliot Phillips MP - Scaling the Rock :Gibraltar and Social Mobility - A Personal Perspective.

Carmel Kahalilian - Beyond the Building.

EP 5 : Jane and Wayne Turnbridge - Our Angelman Journey.

Kevin Ruiz - Belonging,Being and Becoming : Growing up Through Community.

Krishan Khubchand - Gibraltar’s Deep Future

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