Gib Talks 2019

The now annual series of Gib Talks took place earlier this year. If you did not manage to attend, GBC will be showing the talks throughout this month.

Episode 1 - Wednesday 7th August

Julian Felice – Let’s Talk About Stats

Stanley Flower – A Parent’s Ordeal

Stuart Byrne – VP – Don’t DYS Einstein

Lindsay Weston – My Gibraltar Story

Episode 2 - Wednesday 14th August

Steven Walker - Addicted To Escaping Reality

Claire Bensadon - One Of Us

Rose Oliva/ Charlotte Lowe - Am I Morally Obliged To Bear A Child?

Episode 3 - Wednesday 21st August

Keith Azopardi QC - Changing Society & The Importance Of Positivity

Noemi Jimenez - When Escaping Doesn't Set You Free

The Hon Dr. Joseph Garcia - Brexit: In. Out & Shake Our World About

Monica Ritchie - The Girl From North London

Episode 4 - Wednesday 28th August

Nathan Payas - Mindset

Tamsin Suarez - The Strength Of An Egg

Stephen Whatley - If I Can Do IT, Anyone Can

Episode 5 - Wednesday 4th September

Sonia Golt - Age Is Just A Number

Nicole Stein-Jezulin - Montesorri - Introducing A Love Of Learning

Tommy Finlayson - Memories

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