Season 3 - Episode 2

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Lords of the Boards [Season 3]

Season 3: SUP Edition

Lords of the Boards is back to take us to captivating coastlines and swirling seas. This time the crew will be on the biggest of boards, those used for Stand-up Paddle, to visit the most breathtaking SUP spots in our vicinity. Meet local SUP-ers and generally get the most out of this burgeoning sport.

Season 2: Surfing Edition

On the back of the first series of Lords of the Boards, Ben Lynch and the crew embark on a surfing road trip to explore the true, original and quintessential board sport - surfing. Accompanied by local surfers and their friends, the ‘Lords of the Boards 2: Surfing Edition’ takes viewers on a journey to explore some of the best surfing spots in the vicinity, while also exploring the lifestyle and culture behind this legendary activity.

Season 1

Lords of the Boards with Ben Lynch follows the exciting adrenaline filled world of board sports.

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