Tuesday 10th December, 9:30pm

Open Day - Big Bargain Bonanza

It’s GBC Open Day week, when the community comes together to raise money for worthy causes via the Open Day Charitable Trust. With a packed full day of special events tomorrow, fund raising starts in earnest tonight with GBC’s ‘Big Bargain Bonanza’, when Andy Coumbe and Justine Cartwright will tempt viewers with numerous donated items at knock-down prices. The Auction and Quick Fire Sales have given way to the Big Bargain Bonanza, where all the items donated by the local business community are being sold for a fixed low price. There are around 80 items for sale including a VIP Football Weekend in Berlin, a Valentine’s Break, a Wedding Dress, a Parking Space for a year, a Mattress, Jewellery, Watches, Electronics, Iberian Hams, Kitchen Appliances, Cosmetics, Furniture and Hampers among others. They all amount to amazing Christmas deals! Call 20061111 and grab a bargain! Lines open at 9.30pm and stay open till 11.30pm, with all items sold on a first-come-first-served basis with a credit or debit card. Unsold items tonight remain available for sale tomorrow throughout Open Day from 8am till midnight. Check out the Big Bargain Bonanza items GBC, 9.30pm