Season 2 - Episode 8

A Place In Time (Season 2)

‘A Place in Time’ provides a very interesting voyage through Gibraltar’s past. Dr Darren Fa and cartographer, Keith Madeira, visit several places around The Rock where they investigate local urban progress using historic maps set against current ones. This provides first hand evidence of the changes that have taken place over the centuries. Using the latest cartography technology, the transformation of specific areas and buildings will be discovered, such as North Mole and Devil’s Tongue that have become new urban districts, and even South Jumper’s Bastion that now houses the national broadcaster, as well as long forgotten Gibraltar features, like the Cathedral’s Patio de Los Naranjos and La Torre del Tuerto in South Mole. The series takes viewers on an educational journey into Gibraltar’s heritage, while helping viewers understand the changes that have taken place and those that are yet to occur.

In season two, we learn about the origins of the famous Hacho cart, and how there may have been more than one racecourse in Gibraltar. We also discover where the waterline once reached the city centre and whether or not the inquisition had a presence in the city. Why did William Green move house? What did military parades held on Grand Parade look like? Where is the the wreck of the SS Utopia located? Discover all this and more!

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