Episode 4

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In Their Footsteps

‘In Their Footsteps’, is being shown for the first time over eight consecutive weeks. Presented by Richard Garcia, the series invites viewers to take a journey through Gibraltar's past. Richard revisits some of the landmarks that were built by early settlers, and analyses them and the people associated with those places very closely, in order to get a new perspective.

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Exclusive Content

In Their Footsteps (S02 - E07)

The Progress of the Great Siege of 1779

In Their Footsteps (S02 - E06)

The build up to the Great Siege of 1779

In Their Footsteps (S02 - E05)

Gibraltar in the Mid 18th Century

In Their Footsteps (S02 - E04)

The Siege of 1727

In Their Footsteps (S02 - E03)

The Treaty of Utrecht (Between Britain & …

In Their Footsteps (S02 - E02)

The Spanish attempt to re-capture Gibraltar in …

In Their Footsteps (S02 - E01)

The Capture of Gibraltar