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Wings Of Freedom

Gibraltar's unique geographic location sees over 250,000 migrating birds passing across The Straits via The Rock every year. From the smaller song birds to the larger Griffon Vultures and other raptors, many of these migrate at different times of the year but all for the same reasons.

The two-part series teaches us more about some of the different species that fly through Gibraltar as well as some of the difficulties they face along their journey.

We visit the GONHS Raptor Unit to see the work they carry out on injured birds of prey as well as the Ringing Unit who collect data on passerines which is shared on a European basis. We also learn, from The Gibraltar National Museum, about the birds that used to nest and fly around Gibraltar in the past.

And, local birders and photographers take us to different locations both locally and abroad for some birdwatching.

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30/08/2023 - 22:00

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Wings Of Freedom - Bonus Content

Wings Of Freedom - Bonus Content